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We don't do "instant offers" - and neither should you!
  • Most online "offers" have a built-in profit margin for the buyer - a lowball price, steep fees, or both.

  • Typically, they're a starting point, not a firm offer - before repairs, fees, and other costs that you pay.

  • Finally, an offer doesn't tell you how much your home is worth - only how much that buyer is willing to pay.


Our focus is on your bottom line.
  • We start by helping you understand your home's current value - based on condition, features and improvements, location, comparable sales, and the overall market.

  • We'll pre-inspect the home at our expense, and give you a guaranteed upfront offer - as-is, with no cleaning, no repairs, and no hidden fees.

  • Finally (and here's where we really stand out from the competition), we work to get you more for your home - because when we resell it, you get the additional profits!


We're proud of what we offer - and we take the time to get it right.

To learn more or start with a free, no-obligation offer for your home, complete the form below or call us direct at 877-735-4246.

ReliaHome will never sell your information to third parties and we will only contact you to offer information on the services you have requested. See our privacy policy.​

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