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We give you a better process and a better result. See what our customers say:

Jon S - Timnath, CO

“As a real estate agent myself I can attest that ReliaHome's service is exactly as advertised. We found a new home before we had even considered selling our current home and there was not enough time to list our home traditionally. ReliaHome's service was the only way we could have made our move work. Everything was transparent and as originally presented. Thanks James for making our move possible.”

016 _ Back Yard-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Steve G - Fort Collins, CO

“Can't say enough here. A home may be an investment but it is also an anchor when trying to move, especially in a slow market. James at ReliaHome made it possible to find my dream home and move without a bridge loan or the horrible idea of moving twice. He offered a fair price up front, handled all the repairs and updates, and gave me a second check for $27k after the house sold. That's more than I expected to get selling it the hard way. Highly recommended.”

152 S Sydney Ct Milliken CO-large-001-001-Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Cassie S - Milliken, CO

“Working with ReliaHome was the best decision we could have made this summer. We found our dream home, and ReliaHome gave us the buying power to not only buy our new home, but to do so with an offer below asking price. The sale of our old home also went smoothly, and James got us more than asking price on that one, so we now have our new home and a nice little nest egg in our savings account. If I could give more than five stars here, I definitely would!”

019 _ Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Derek K - Evans, CO

“Working with ReliaHome was a great experience! We were able to move due to a job transfer on our schedule as well as put down a down payment for another home that got us settled in much faster. We then were able to work with James who did everything in our best interest to sell our house for the best possible price and outcome. I would definitely do the same process again through James and ReliaHome! Working with them was a seamless process. James was very straightforward and honest, listened to our needs and came through on all promises made. We highly recommend this service and business!!!”

9472 W Lake Ave Littleton CO - Web Quality - 000 - 01 Exterior Front.jpg
Chad M - Littleton, CO

“I worked with Adam Lenhardt of Reliahome. ReliaHome gave me upfront equity in my home so that I could purchase a new house immediately without waiting on the sale of my old home. This allowed me to make a stronger bid with less contingencies. With the market being so crazy in Colorado it saved me a lot of stress. As soon as I found a home and won the bid, ReliaHome was ready to go with the purchase of my old home. Adam was in constant contact and well organized. The moment I moved out, he was ready to make all necessary repairs and improvements. He had everything completed and my house listed in less than two weeks. The house sold the following week. Adam went above and beyond. You can tell he has a true passion for helping others. If I am ever looking to sell my house again, I wouldn't hesitate to call ReliaHome.”

1340 Marigold Dr Denver CO - Web Quality - 002 - 03 Exterior Front.jpg
Chris C - Denver, CO

“If you want to sell your property with minimal hassle, no showings and all details up front - contact ReliaHome. I will recommend them to anyone I know that is planning to sell their home, or buy for that matter. Working with ReliaHome was a great experience; talk to them first before anyone else, you will be happy you did. ReliaHome told me up front that selling my home would be the least complicated part of the buying, selling, moving experience - that turned out to be true in every sense. ReliaHome knows the CO market in and out; the guidance was/is invaluable. Professional, excellent customer service. 110% recommend this company.”

001 _ Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Ryan S - Westminster, CO

“We recently worked with ReliaHome to sell our home in Westminster, CO. From our first meeting, they helped us put together a plan that met our needs for a simple home sale and also prepared a pricing strategy that would maximize our sale value. The value proposition for us was we would not have to show the house prior to moving out, there was no uncertainty of the sale of our home closing and we could rent the home back a week or so to allow for the timing of the closing of our new home to coordinate. Everything worked out perfect and went as planned. We could focus our efforts and energy on relocating to the western slope and not worry about the selling our Westminster home. Once we moved out, everything was organized to have the home ready to be listed on the market very efficiently. Within a week of listing, we had multiple offers that far exceeded our expectations of the value that ReliaHome could create by marketing, staging and negotiating the sales price. We recently closed on this property and we are very grateful for the work that they did to not only get us the best value for this property, but in also making the entire process simple and stress free. Thank you to ReliaHome. We would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.”

01 Exterior Front-2.jpg
Darrell F - Greeley, CO

“Reliahome took the stress out of selling and showing our home. We had lived in the home for 36 years and they made us an offer that gave us money to move on and plan our new house being built in Florida for retirement. They then went in and updated the home and resold it for top dollar, passing on the profit to us. They allowed us time to have a sale of our contents and proceeded on our timetable. With the pre-inspection we were able to anticipate any problems the new buyer may have, and they negotiated a very favorable settlement in the final sale. They kept us fully informed every step of the way and we could not be happier with speed at which things moved along and the final outcome.”

010 _ Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Kaylan S - Westminster, CO

“I highly recommend ReliaHome! They made the process of selling our home so incredibly easy and stress free. We were able to focus on moving into our new home while ReliaHome took care of all the updates and cleaning to make our old home show well and sell quickly. They were also incredibly helpful during the closing process, providing guidance on inspection findings and lining up and managing work that needed to be done before sale.”

1320 Alford Fort Collins CO-large-001-2-Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Sandy S - Fort Collins, CO

“ReliaHome could not have been any better at their level of service! It was a great experience during a dark time of the loss of our relative. They made the process of removing items and disposing of them so easy and the sale of the house was quick, easy AND above the asking price!! James & ReliaHome were a gem from start to finish. We would recommend ReliaHome to everyone!”

1527 Sherri Mar Longmont CO-large-001-002-Exterior Front-1500x998-72dpi.jpg
Lois M - Longmont, CO

“ReliaHome and its agents were wonderful to work with! They were professional, honest, competitive, responsive to questions, and they guided me through the entire selling and buying process. I was nervous about selling our home and buying a new home in this competitive sellers’ market and anticipated having to move twice – living in an apartment while I shopped for a new home. However, ReliaHome bought my home which gave me the funds to purchase our new home and we only had to move once! Everything went smoothly and it was a pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend ReliaHome!”

12698 E Pacific Cir Aurora CO - Web Quality - 000 - 01 Exterior Front.jpg
Catie M - Aurora, CO

“I have only positive comments for ReliaHome. They are providing a very needed service for homeowners caught in the middle of owning—needing to sell, in order to make an offer on another home that will be seriously considered. Very fair pricing, great communication, and they do what they say they will. Meeting all timing deadlines. Adam L. Is wonderful to work with! Thank you sooooo much.”

Jon S. - Denver, CO.jpg
Jon S - Denver, CO

“We had such a wonderful experience with ReliaHome. It really does work as advertised, no secret “gotchas.” We needed a bigger house but didn’t have any cash for a down payment. ReliaHome sent us a no-obligation proposal to purchase our home, which included an upfront cash amount of about 70% of market value. Then we started shopping for our next house. Once we found what we wanted, we were able to put in a non-contingent offer, using the upfront cash from ReliaHome as our down payment. ReliaHome set our closing date a few business days ahead of the closing for the new house. They gave us our upfront cash amount, which we turned around and put down on the new house a few days later. ReliaHome even gave us two months to live in our old house while we finished renovations on the new place. Once we moved out, they made some repairs and sold our house for a great price. Then we got a check for the remaining 30% value, plus some extra since it sold for 20k over asking!! There really are no tricks. They were above board about everything, and we stayed in constant communication through the whole process. Without ReliaHome, we would have had to sell our house first and live in temporary housing until we found the perfect place. Instead, we were able to take our time finding the perfect forever-home, with the peace of mind that we would have all the funds we needed when it was time. I highly recommend this company if you are in a similar situation!”

4120 Benton St Denver CO 80212-large-004-3-Exterior Front Entry-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Catherine C - Denver, CO

“These folks are trustworthy - they gave me a fair price for my home and I didn't have to fix it, etc. After ReliaHome sold the house, I got a nice check, and all-in-all, I made exactly what I would have made, had I fixed it up, without the bother. This is a wonderful, sanity-saving, service.”

331 Heidie Milliken CO 80543-large-002-001-Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Fred F - Windsor, CO

“The people at ReliaHome made selling the house very hassle free and they made it to where we made more money than we expected I would highly recommend them”

004 _ Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Andrew P - Denver, CO

“If you have to move quickly, have little ones that make it hard and stressful to get everything done, use ReliaHome. We did, and they were great! We had to move and move quickly for a job opportunity and ReliaHome was able to do everything for us. They bought, cleaned, listed and sold our home in the time frame they said they would and the process was easy!”

006 _ Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Dawn R - Arvada, CO

“Thanks to ReliaHome, I sold my house and moved out of state in three weeks time. The only thing I had to do is sign the closing documents. It was a seamless experience – everything was handled by ReliaHome and I only had to pack. I highly recommend this service for selling your home”

Ben & Anne.jpg
Ben F - Fort Collins, CO

“Our family worked with ReliaHome on finding a new house for our move to Fort Collins from Atlanta. We had a lot of requirements for our new house, and ReliaHome went above and beyond in finding the perfect place for us to begin our life here. They sought out and visited at least a dozen properties on our behalf, taking pictures or doing video calls so we could see the houses. We love the home they found for us! They handled the negotiation, inspection, and worked closely with the seller to make sure everything was as it should be. They were transparent, readily available to answer any questions or concerns, and absolutely honest in their assessment of the houses we looked at. It's hard to think of a single aspect of our working relationship that I would have improved. Their expertise, customer service, and focus on value really set ReliaHome apart. They were great to work with top to bottom and I would absolutely recommend ReliaHome's services to anyone considering buying or selling their home.”

Sunset _ 1500x915-72dpi.jpg
Josh N - Fort Collins, CO

“My wife and I worked with ReliaHome to purchase our current home and really can’t say enough good things. They were extremely knowledgeable, personable, incredibly generous with their time, honest, and overall true professionals. James answered every question and explained every part of the house clearly and thoroughly. Us being new in town, buying a home in this market was challenging, but working with ReliaHome made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend them.”

T01 _ Exterior Front-2700x1800-300dpi.jpg
Todd K - Windsor, CO

“We have bought and sold several homes and working with ReliaHome was by far our best experience! James was very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. We were on a time crunch and needed our house to sell quick. They came up with a pricing strategy that not only got us under contract in a few days, we also got 10K over asking price. We loved working with ReliaHome and would highly recommend them!”

008 _ Exterior Front-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
Scott G - Westminster, CO

“I purchased a property from ReliaHome in March 2019 and it was the best home buying experience I've had. ReliaHome was extremely professional and honest to deal with & addressed all concerns I had with the property prior to closing. Very satisfied buyer.”

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